234 : vintage art books

Years ago I'd scour the used bookstores and library sales for vintage art books. I had two favorite series that I'd look for: The Pocket Library of Great Art and Petite Encyclopedie de L'Art (both from the 50s). The Pocket Library contained 39 volumes, a much smaller set than the Petite at 120. With only 8 more to find for the Pocket Library, and a bunch of the Petite versions, I wonder if my collection will ever be complete. I know I could hunt them down online, but it's so much more fun to find one unexpectedly.

233 : working from home

One of the nice things about being the boss is making your own hours. That, combined with the fact that all I need to design is my computer/laptop and an internet connection makes for one happy day.

I think the monster likes it too :)

232 : napoleon dynamite

Years later and I still absolutely love this movie. It's so freaking funny. So glad it was on MTV over the weekend. I laughed so hard, it hurt.

231 : family heirlooms

When I was young, my great grandma always wore this ring. Always. When I see it, just like the milk pitcher turned water can turned vase it instantly screams happy memories. So I was more than thrilled when several years ago, my great grandma gave her signature ring to me.

230 : "i park like an idiot" bumper sticker

About a month ago the bf and I went to the Renegade Craft Fair in LA. At the threadless table, they had stacks of one of the funniest bumper stickers I have ever seen. The bf has some in his car, and I have a feeling one day they may prove themselves useful. On their website you can buy packs, and submit photos of the sticker in use. They do discourage anyone from sticking these low-tack, easily removable stickers on a vehicle other than your own ;)

229 : nelson clocks

There's a special place in my heart for George Nelson clocks. Maybe because I was surrounded by them at a young age (thanks dad), but also because they are in fact, super cool. Seeing one takes me back to the days of driving to LA to go to modern furniture stores, hunting down vintage second hands and watching the clocks get rewired. Ah, memories.

228 : successful projects

I love when I finish a project knowing it's "portfolio worthy". I love it even more when it's not only portfolio worthy, but a successful piece for my client. Last week, the new Williams Homes email marketing campaign was both. Not only did the email blast look great, but both the open rate and click rate were well above average. They even sold the advertised home from someone who received the blast! It's a win-win. Gotta love that.

227 : strange music day

I almost always have music playing in the office. Be it itunes, or pandora.com, I usually have something going on. Last year, a client gave Monique and I a stack of mixed cd's. We popped them into the office, excited to have some new tunes on the rotation. Many of the songs we liked, many we didn't, and some just plain made us laugh.

When we were still a duo, we played this song every day for awhile since it is so absolutely ridiculous, it's funny.

The video is crazy disturbing, which in some ways is fitting for such an "interesting" song. So on national "strange music day", I leave you with Bloodhound Gang...

226 : my "new vase"

When I was super little and I'd go to my great grandma's house, I'd spend most of my time in her tiny little enclosed patio. There were potted plants galore, and even a grape vine growing in the corner. To water her massive plant collection, she had a bucket she'd fill with water, and then dip this little metal pitcher in to fill it and proceed to water the plants. Naturally, whenever I was over there, I'd do this as well.

Maybe about 10 years ago, my great grandma fell and broke her hip, and went to live with my grandma (She lived alone until she was 90!). Shortly after, while the family cleaned out her house and prepped for an estate sale, my mom asked if I wanted anything. My answer...that little metal watering pitcher. She laughed and told me that when she was little that was their milk pitcher. Boy had that thing been around a long time even then.

So, what to many would be a piece of junk, to me is a little piece of treasure. And after sitting for years in my mom's garage, that little metal milk pitcher/watering can now adorns my office as my not-so-new vase.

225 : stamps

I love that in recent years the post office has offered a few stamps geared towards art/design. It's a happy surprise to see something other than their usual slew of graphics. And even though I generally tend to NOT use the designy ones, I still have to have them.

I think I need to work on this "saving" everything thing. That's it, I'm busting out the strawberry soap (see previous post).

224 : strawberry soap

When I was little, whenever I'd go shopping at the bed & bath store with my mom, I'd get a little red soap shaped like a strawberry. I don't ever remember actually using them, but they were my little pieces of yummy smelling treasures. A few years ago, at Bed Bath & Beyond I saw similar little strawberry soaps, and of course had to have one. While cleaning up today I found it (of course, unused). It brought me back to the days when the simple little things, like a strawberry shaped soap, brought so much joy.

223 : twig pencils

Finally broke away from my computer to check the mail and saw a package on top of the mailboxes. As always, whenever I see a box up there I hope it's for me (who doesn't like getting stuff in the mail? yeah, that's what I thought!). This time was no exception. As I neared closer, I saw that it was for me! The all caps lettering...unmistakably my dad. In true Jen fashion, I tried to rip it open before I even got back to the office.

Inside? A card that made my heart happy and these cool twig colored pencils. Such a lucky girl to have such an a amazing dad.

Thanks Dad & Betsy! I love you guys.

(And since I'm told you sometimes read this, a hi to Grant. Hopefully we'll meet one of these days)

222 : weeds

I finally watched the season premier of Weeds last night. So glad it's back! MLP is hilarious. This show just seems to get better with time.

221 : steve

Today marks what would have been a good friend's 28th birthday. He taught me a lot about life, friends and love; which is kind of amazing since we were so young at the time. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about or miss him. I wish he could give me that look he used to that would make me laugh. And although the eyes still water when I think about him, it still brings a smile to my face knowing that I was fortunate enough to have known him.

So, even though you're gone, today's still and always will be your day. Happy Birthday, my friend.

220 : the powers of ten

I first saw The Powers of Ten in elementary school before I even knew who Charles & Ray Eames were. It was years later, while watching their short films that I realized the film I had watched oh-so-long-ago was by the famous duo.

The Powers of Ten depicts the relative scale of the universe in factors of ten. The film starts out with two people on a picnic blanket, and slowly zooms out at a rate of one power of ten per 10 seconds. The final zoom out is at 1024 meters, which is the size of the observable universe. The camera then goes back to the people on the picnic blanket, and then into the negative powers of ten (so inside their bodies). The last stop is at 10−16 when the camera comes to quarks in a proton of a carbon atom. 

219 : lunch with a friend

I had lunch with one of my favorite people EVER today. So nice to catch up. Makes a Monday so much better. If these past 3 months have taught me anything, it's that I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

218 : going to the movies

Went and saw Salt today (which was surprisingly good), and was reminded just how much I like going to the movies. While it's nice to watch a movie cuddled on the couch, there's something exciting about seeing a movie on a giant screen in the pitch black with a bunch of strangers. Wait, forget the strangers part.

217 : sketching in the shower

There usually aren't too many minutes of my day that aren't spent thinking about work, projects, clients, etc. Truth be told, I can be a bit of a workaholic. But since this isn't a 9 to 5, I can't just turn my brain off when my work day is over, on the weekend, and on holidays. It's always going. And I mean always.

I know I'm particularly excited about a certain project when I "sketch" in the shower. My finger is my pen and the condensation on the walls and door is my canvas. Then as I draw my funky shapes and mock text, I laugh a little because for some reason, I very very rarely will ever sketch on paper.

This morning was one of my shower sketching days and I seriously can't wait until the project gets underway. It has the makings to be great...submission for design competitions great. And it makes my heart happy to see how much I've accomplished and how far I've come.

216 : iphone

After months of waiting, calling the Apple Store everyday, standing in line for an hour (yes, I'm one of those people), and the incredibly nice Apple guy who helped me (thanks Seamus!) I finally got my new phone.

I've also come to the realization that lately whenever I get super excited about something, in my head, I do the happy dance Katherine Heigl does in The Ugly Truth. And then another realization occurs: I'm such a dork. But at this moment, I'm one happy dork, and that's all that matters.

215 : retro candy

It's nice to randomly run into something that screams out childhood. And that is just what Candy Necklaces and Candy Buttons do for me. Memories that take you back to the carefree days of riding your bike and playing outside with your friends. It reminds me of the times when the simple little things were all it took to make me happy. Then the adult in me wonders why my parents, who would never buy the sugary cereals for breakfast, would let me eat these.

214 : symbol ice

The type dork in me is in love with this ice cube tray. With various punctuation and symbols, I can't think of a better way to cool down a drink. Boring old ice cubes? Not for this designer. They're officially on my wish list.
Update: UPS came today (8/19). The bf got them for me! So sweet.

213 : missy higgins

Right now I'm obsessed with this song. I know, I know...it's such a girly song. But I just love the lyrics.

212 : rent

The bf and I saw RENT at the Hollywood Bowl last night and it was amazing! We'd both had never seen it before, but have heard good things. And since the bf has never been to the Bowl, it was a no-brainer.

Can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday evening and super excited to be going back to see John Williams in 2 weeks! Without a doubt, the Bowl is one of the best things about summer.

211 : sneak zucchini on your neighbors porch day

Today has to be one of the weirdest named days ever...It's not a national holiday or anything, but someone did decide that today was officially (made official by who, I'm not sure) "Sneak Zucchini on Your Neighbors Porch" day. Told you it was strange. Although after the wrinkled brow and look of confusion, I did smile.

I think the neighbor who brought me a cucumber may be getting a zucchini or two today :)

210 : photo booths

Today the bf and I headed to the OC Fair. After literally inching forward on the off-ramp, and finally parking almost an hour and half after getting on said off ramp, I was more than a little cranky. But once inside, we did have fun. Amidst the plethora of fried food, including: fried butter (yes, they have fried BUTTER), twinkies, klondike bars (how to do you fry ice cream?), avocados, oreos, snickers, and pretty much anything else you could imagine, there were photo booths!

I love the old-school black and white photo strips that come out of those. And even better, the bf and I went in prepared. Normally I sit there and have the same smile plastered on my face in each picture. The "make-out face" (don't ask), a smile, Jeff picking my nose (his idea of course...so gross!), and a kiss. Super cute and oh-so-classic.

209 : pencil art

Dalton Ghetti makes tiny little sculptures out of the graphite tips of pencils. Yeah, you read that right. I can't even fathom doing anything like this. Craziness. But amazing craziness.

208 : being organized

There's such a huge part of me that loves to have everything in its place. But contrary to that, I know I have to work to keep this organization going. If I start out organized, chances are, I'll stay that way. Otherwise, I'll have a drawer full of uncategorized receipts, a file cabinet full of folded bank statements, etc. But since the split, I've made it a priority to keep on top of organizing myself and the office. It's amazing that one little file folder, and a few 3-ring binders can make me feel so accomplished.

207 : giz's tongue

Yes, I know...ANOTHER happy post about the Monster. But I just can't look at this little guy, with his tongue sticking out, and not smile. Good day or bad, he brings a bit more smiles to my face. He's just so freaking cute.

And if anyone wonders why said tongue always sticks out, I leave you with this (sorry that only the chest fur is in focus)...
And before you ask, no, it's not photoshopped... And yes, you may call him Gene.

206 : jackson pollock

Known mainly as the "splatter" painter and for his volatile personality, Jackson Pollock was truly a magnificent American artist. His use of color  and composition is just amazing.

Many years ago I drove down to Orange County to an exhibit just to see the one Pollock painting they had on display. I was mesmerized. I couldn't look away. Why? I'm not sure. Strangely enough, the person I was with (who had no interest in art whatsoever) felt the exact same way.
If you're interested in finding out more about his life, I highly recommend the 2000, Academy Award winning movie, Pollock, starring Ed Harris. It's entertaining, inspiring and heartbreaking all at the same time.

205 : helvetica cookie cutters

The type dork in me would totally be making Helvetica cookies, if you could actually buy a set... and if chocolate chip cookies could hold a shape other than a circle :)

But I love the inventiveness and creativity of type lovers.

204 : holga

Months ago I bought a Holga. For those not familiar, Holga's are about as cheap of a camera as you can buy. With plastic case and lens, the things leak light like you wouldn't believe. But those "defects" are what can make the pictures incredibly beautiful. I had been wanting one for awhile, but put it off. Feeling the pressures of only 8 shots per roll, I've been "saving" it for a "special occasion". I've finally decided to not wait and just start shooting. My goal: have all 3 rolls purchased shot and developed by the end of the month. With only 24 shots, I doubt that will be a problem :)