264 : kleenex "creepy creatures"

Sometimes it really is the little things in life that make me happy. Take, for example, the cool new tissue boxes from Kleenex. When I saw them at Target, it was instant happiness. Love the little germ drawings.

263 : afternoon caffeine fix

With the the heat, long hours, stress and insomnia that seems to be filling my life lately, today was the day it finally caught up with me. When I needed to stop, lay out the blankets on the floor and take a little time out with the 'ster (as in Monster). Unfortunately, this only worked until my phone started ringing (if you're reading this, you're still my favorite client) and the emails (from other amazing clients) came in. Sigh.

Next best thing? Hit up Starbucks across the street for a major caffeine fix. Oh, how I love you, vanilla soy latte...even when it's 85 degrees out.

262 : bare essentials for the graphic designer

This poster by gridlondon.com cracked me up today. But more than just a humorous take on the profession I love so much, I realized just how true a lot of this was...and luckily how many of these things I actually posses (if I do say so myself). Would love to have this on my wall (although I'm not really a "posters on the wall" kinda girl, and the underline under the title bugs me...come to think if it, scratch that about putting it on the wall) I would however, love to know why a gun made the list...I know my office can be (shall we say) colorful, but a gun, really? I think I'll do without that one.

261 : my great grandma

This little lady is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. Never saying a mean word about anyone and always with a smile on her face, she has been inspirational beyond words. I have been so fortunate to have her in my life all these years.

Happy 100th Birthday Gram. I love you more than words can say.

260 : DEXTER!!!!!!!!!!!

So super excited for this to be back on tv. Can't wait for the premier tonight. Best. Show. Ever.

258 : the geometry of pasta

I came across this book today and am seriously in love. A book about pasta and sauces? Eh. But the simple, beautiful design and graphics of the book may just qualify it as shelf worthy. The flat black graphics are just so beautifully done, and I LOVE the alphabet page (big shocker there). Gorgeous.

257 : this drawing

Weeks ago, on a pit stop to the office, a certain someone decided to get creative with the markers and my dry erase board and show off his... um... drawing skills. In case you're wondering, those are clouds, a smiling sun, the sky, a ball, gizmo (who somehow turned into a wiener dog), me (who was apparently having a bad hair day), and him (sleeping while standing, maybe?).

I can't bring myself to erase it, because it's just too funny...

256 : to-do lists

Generally, a "to-do" list keeps me organized and focused. It makes my brain feel some sort of relief seeing everything written out. Today, however, was not one of those days. After the list was written, instead of feeling like I was ready to tackle my day... I wanted to hyperventilate. When all was said and done, I had 15 client "to-do's" today. Proudly 10.5 of those tasks are done, but I'm guessing it's going to be another late night.

255 : spinning tops

I've had a bit of a fascination with spinning tops since I saw the short films by Charles and Ray Eames, and I'm sure many many more people now have the same fascination with them after watching the Leo DiCaprio movie, Inception. In my head I always picture the traditional shapes and colors, but seeing the ones in the above photo have shown me just how truly amazing these tiny little things can be. 

Photo from http://www.notcot.com/archives/2010/04/german-spinning-tops.php

254 : wine vending machines

Yes, you read that right: vending machines that dispense wine. After a long work day, my first non-related work browse of the internet turned up this gasoline type machine that dispenses wine by the liter. While currently only available in France, reportedly this contraption will soon make its way to the US. But seriously, how good could wine by the masses be?

253 : a clean car

It's funny that this blog has turned into a bit of a confessional - full of Jen quirks and guilty pleasures. And yet another one to add to the list...I'm so bad about washing my car...let me rephrase that...I WAS really bad about washing my car. Now that the car is new, shiny and pretty, she'll for sure be getting herself some regular baths. Today was the first of many many times that'll be spent at the car wash. But it's worth it when I see her come out looking so good.

252 : sushi

I never really tried sushi until I was in New York last year. It always kinda freaked me out, but being the good sport that I (sometimes) am, I had to take one for the team. Afterall, I couldn't ask for "sushi night" to be anything other than "sushi night". I was actually  amazed at how much I liked it. And when I got back to LA, I craved it. A few local sushi places later and my patience for finding something that compared on any level to what I had in ny was simply gone... Fast forward to tonight. Thanks to Yelp, I found a super yummy sushi place in lb. I questioned the almost 20 mile hike for dinner, but once there, it was well the worth the drive.

Photo by Steve N.

251 : a clean office

Those of you that have been to the office know, it's not a huge space. And between, books, samples, furniture, papers and dog toys, it can quickly become an unruly place. Since the split, I've tried to spend every Friday afternoon cleaning up the office. Vacuuming, dusting, filing papers, all the not-so-fun-but-need-to-do-it-anyway stuff. It's not something that I look forward to, but I do absolutely love the way everything looks when it's clean and tidy. Makes Monday mornings a little more cheery when I know I'm walking in to organization, instead of (somewhat organized) chaos.

250 : super cold water

I love drinking water (or any drink for that matter) when it's super cold. The office fridge is always set to really low...sometimes too low, and everything inside starts to freeze. But with the weather being so hot lately, there's nothing better than coming back to super cold water after walking the Monster (he even likes it too).

249 : welovetypography.com

When I have the desire (which is often) to look at beautiful typography, I head over to welovetypography.com. A compilation of various images of type from all over the web, this site definitely feeds my need for visual stimulation.

247 : yiayia's religious icons

I got my very first car after my YiaYia (grandma, in Greek) was no longer able to drive. In it, I found various religious icons in things like the glove box and arm rest. I even found a secret compartment in the trunk with a bag of religious jewelry inside (crosses, icons, a "piece" of the cross). While I had the car, I never took the items out, even though I don't necessarily consider myself a religious person.

When I got car #2, the religious icons followed, but I decided to tuck her secret stash away in my jewelry box. I never really gave the items in the car a second thought until today. While clearing out car #2 and deciding what to transfer to the new car, I knew the icons were sure to follow. It may seem silly, but I highly doubt I'll ever own a car without those things being in it. Afterall, it's a little piece of her that's still with me, and that my friends, makes me happy.

246 : jersey shore

Guilty pleasure, I know, and I'm actually slightly embarrassed to say so, but I seriously look forward to new episodes of Jersey Shore. Some people are more than a little pathetic, but it's so ridiculous, it's funny. The bf couldn't believe I actually watched this show, but after an episode, he was hooked too (shh...he won't admit it). And this week, I was more than a little happy to get a double dose of JS Thursday night and tonight.

245 : colombo tea & coffee packaging

Love the packaging and logo designs from Colombo Tea and Coffee, a South African based company. The clean, white packaging showcases the beautiful "coffee" stained logos perfectly.

244 : my new car

After a crazy long day of car shopping, negotiating, nervousness and signatures galore, I finally left the lot in this beauty. A big thanks to my Dad & Betsy who went through and helped me during this journey. I absolutely love her.

243 : tp art

I came across the most amazing thing today. Toilet paper roll art that goes beyond making telescopes and noise-makers. Paris based artist, Anastassia Elias makes these amazing silhouette scenes inside the roll of, you guessed it, toilet paper. Seriously amazing.

242 : dental floss

While dental floss doesn't necessarily make me happy, it's something that I generally have with me at all times, and don't feel quite right without. There's one in my purse, in my desk and next to the bed. A little crazy, I know. Even crazier that I don't floss every day (almost).

240 : holiday weekends

I can't really remember a time post college I felt like I had a holiday weekend. I usually work...and work...and work. It doesn't matter what day or holiday it is. So this weekend it was nice to step back and take a break from work and just relax. Some Scrabble, a Dodger game (and win!), a movie, some mudslides and a bbq made for one nice 3-day weekend. Even better...it'll really only be 3 full days this week since Friday will be spent looking for a new car (yay!).

239 : house industries

Over the past few years, I've become seriously obsessed with House Industries. Not only do they have some amazing fonts (Day 191) but they've come out with some crazy beautiful products. In addition to the Alexander Girard blocks from Day 16, there are also these beauties:

Between the Girard alphabet blocks and this set, I know no regular ol' blocks are gonna cut it for my future kids.

And how seriously amazing is this Girard memory game. Love it.

238 : summer nights

I love in the summer when the nights are clear and warm. When you can walk outside and the temperature is just perfect; when you can wear whatever you want and not be too hot or too cold. Tonight was one of those nights. Absolutely perfect weather for being outside.

237 : scrabble

The bf and I used to love to play scrabble. Oddly enough, in all the times we've played he hasn't won once. We picked up a game tonight to keep at my place and once again his losing streak continues. With words like "for" and "fun" it's no wonder he's getting his butt kicked.

236 : leaf jewelry

While fumbling through my jewelry box, I had a sudden realization: I have a ton of nature inspired jewelry, most notably, leaves. Necklaces, earrings and rings, I have it all. I love the organic shapes and raw, natural look. The above necklace is an actual leaf that was dipped in gold. So pretty.

235 : whole foods

Lately I've found myself heading to the opposite end of the Trader Joe's parking lot to Whole Foods. I still love me the TJ's, it's just nice to get the variety and options at Whole Foods. It's the perfect place to grab dinner ingredients, a quick lunch and even accompaniments for that massive wine collection I'm quickly acquiring. And I absolutely LOVE their organic mint shampoo.