172 : diy concrete bookends

I came across this today on notcot and LOVE it! It's a diy concrete bookend. So ridiculously simple to make (at least it sounds simple) and so many possibilities for what could be done with it.

Check out The Beat That My Heart Skipped to find out how to make your own.

171 : molly m designs

At Unique LA, I had the pleasure of being introduced to the lasercut jewelry of molly m designs. The absolutely stunning designs have been lasercut in materials such as veneer and bamboo, and sometimes include fabric and suede.

In addition to her lovely jewelry, she has a lasercut business card, and I love her logo and the simplicity of the site. It's all around happy.

Photo from mollymdesigns.com

170 : playing hooky

Anyone who knows me knows how hard and how much I work. I love my business in a way that I can't even describe. There's nothing else that I would rather be doing. With that being said, as any business owner knows, sometimes you have to put massive amounts of time into it. Weekends are now just days when I get slightly fewer client emails. Holidays? Hey, so-and-so has a deadline. Ok, fine.

So today, it was especially nice that the bf and I got to play hooky for my birthday. After an indecisive start, we ended up heading to Santa Barbara for the day. So nice to not have to think about work (although I did check some emails a few times) and just have a relaxing day with my love.

169 : the secret in their eyes

Ok...so today's original post was deleted...Why? Because after our late-night movie going adventure, the happy post just HAD to be The Secret in Their Eyes, directed by Juan Jose Campanella. It won an Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language Film, and I can see why. It was touching and heartbreaking and truly an amazing film. But I guess in some ways I'm a little different. Give me a good foreign or indie film over a blockbuster hit any day.

For those interested, here's a bit about the film...

Recently retired criminal court investigator Benjamin (Ricardo Darin), decides to write a novel based on a twenty-five year old unresolved rape and murder case, which still haunts him. Sharing his plans with Irene (Soledad Villamil), the beautiful judge and former colleague he has secretly been in love with for years, Benjamin’s initial involvement with the case is shown through flashbacks, as he sets out to identify the murderer. But Benjamin’s search for the truth will put him at the center of a judicial nightmare, as the mystery of the heinous crime continues to unfold in the present, testing the limits of a man seeking justice and personal fulfillment at last.

168 : dodger games

The bf didn't do that great of a job "surprising" me today by taking me to the Dodger vs Yankee game (he left the window on my computer open to the ticket page...oops). But I appreciate that he took my not-so-subtle hints that I wanted to go. There's something exciting about sitting up high in the stands and people watching...especially during a night game (today was an afternoon game). It reminds me of being a kid and going with my dad, eating dodger dogs and having chocolate malts. Oh, childhood.

And, we got our tickets to the Dodgers vs the Mets in July...can't wait.

167 : anthro promos

It's already been established that I heart Anthropologie. I can hardly pass by without taking a quick dip in to indulge my senses. But there is something else that makes Anthropologie dear and near to my heart...their birthday promotions.

Sure, many places ask for your birth date. And they may even send you a crappily designed postcard wishing you birthday bliss and offering a discount, but Anthropologie goes further. Last year, I received this in the mail...
Photo from fishfoodblog.com

An adorable little fabric pouch with string and buttons, holding a card, which of course, offered a discount.

And this year, this little beauty was in my mailbox.

How cute is that? The "candle" is actually a necklace. Way to think out of the postcard birthday box, Anthro!

166 : moss

A couple years ago I went to the sequoia's and fell in love with the moss growing on trees. The amazingly bright green glowing in the forest simply amazed me. When I went last October, I brought back a little memento: a tiny broken twig adorned with happiness. I don't know why I expected the moss to be soft, with some sort of moisture, but it's actually completely hard and dry. If only the color photographed as beautiful as it is in real life.

165 : peonies

These little beauties now adorn my office. They're so amazingly girly with their pink frilly petals and light scent. And I love how big and full the blossoms get when they're fully open (mine are still on the closed side). They just say happy.

164 : borders

I love books. New, vintage, doesn't matter. I love them all. When I feel the book itch, I either head across the street to the PV Library book sale, or Borders (which is conveniently also across the street). The Torrance and El Segundo Borders seem to have the best selection of design books (without having to trek up to Hennesey and Ingalls in Santa Monica), and they're open super late, so when the need strikes, I can drag the bf with me :)

163 : cosmos

At the risk of sounding like a booze-hound, I must say, I love me a good drink. Sipping cosmos over dinner, or a nice conversation can be the perfect way to end a long day. If only that is how I was ending my day today...
Image from La Cocina de Inma Lopez

162 : my dad

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. I'm very fortunate to have an amazing one.

Illustration by Daisy

161 : tamales

Today was a long day of crock potting, chicken shredding, masa spreading and corn husk soaking. Yup, the bf and I spent the day making chicken (with green chili and cheese) tamales for my dad for father's day. It was quite a chore, even with my new "shortcuts"...prepared green sauce and masa (made without lard...hooray!!). I used to do it all from scratch, but it's such a ginormously huge job.

But, it's all worth it. 10 pounds of masa, 6.5 pounds of chicken, a block of jack, and 18 hours later, there are 44 super yummy tamales.

Love you dad!

160 : body butter

My absolute favorite lotion is Pink Grapefruit Body Butter from the Body Shop. It smells so fresh and yummy, and it's super thick, so it really moisturizes. What's even better is the bf gives me regular foot massages with it. Yup, I'm a lucky girl.

159 : new business cards

I've always wanted a square business card, so I figured with all the changes, now was the time. I love how tiny and precious they feel.

It's funny how a 2x2 piece of paper can fill me with such pride and remind me just how fortunate I am that I get to do this all day, every day.

158 : orange tulips

One of my all time favorite flowers are tulips. I absolutely love orange ones. There is something about them that I find beautiful in their underrated simplicity. Makes me realize just how long it's been since a bunch adorned the office. I think I just may need to take a trip to get some.

Photo from www.octulipfestival.com/tulips.htm

157 : chasing butterflies

In Paris, while strolling down one of the streets, my mom and I came across L'Artisan Parfumeur; a high-end french parfum company. After browsing for awhile, she left with a bottle of their Mure et Musc Extreme parfum.

Years later, after craving a new perfume, I remembered L'Artisan. I ordered some samples so I could find which I liked best. My choice: La Chasse aux Papillons (chasing butterflies). A very summery scent with notes of bergamot, lemon, pink pepper, orange blossom, lemon blossom, linden blossom, tuberose, jasmine and ylang-ylang.

Not only are their parfumes amazingness, but their design is equally as fab. Their site is clean and simple, their catalogs use spot uv, and their packaging takes those little extra steps to make it perfect.

156 : new clients

Need I say more? I'm thinking this new project has a huge amount of potential to be super amazing. So excited.

155 : the bf

Happy 29th!!!!!!!! (I know how much you love exclamation points) Thanks for being my adventure buddy, loving the monster as much as I do, taking me on late night drives when I can't sleep, and for simply being you. I heart you babe.

154 : hermosa beach artwalk

I try and make a point to expose myself to as many art-related activities as possible. Sure, I don't get to as many exhibits, openings or shows as I'd like. But sometimes life just gets crazy.

I do try to make it to the Hermosa Beach ArtWalk every year. Last year I was in NY, so I'm more than looking forward to heading out there this weekend.

And it's not just because I design almost all of their promotional materials, although it certainly doesn't hurt. An ocean view and local artists? Match made in heaven.

Check it out this weekend (Saturday & Sunday) from 10am-5pm on the corner of PCH and Pier. You may even see the bf & I there.

153 : lady rene

I saw this and instantly fell in love. Seriously. I searched the internet, because I HAD to have this book. I must say, they got me. It is not in fact a vintage book, but simply showcases the potential use of a font.

Although I'm disappointed my library won't be one book larger, it's still some major design eye candy.

Lady Rene, is collaboration with designer and illustrator Laura Varsky, is the latest release from Sudtipos.

152 : babees honey

While browsing notcot today, I came across some visual eye candy...Babees Pure Organic Honey packaging. I'm speechless...how amazingly gorgeous and simple this is? And I love the custom calligraphy for the logo.

151 : vintage fruit crate labels

  Right now I'm on a vintage kick. It's mostly type and art related materials that are capturing my heart. In addition to my expanding ampersand collection, I can feel the faint sound of vintage fruit labels calling my name. I love the typography and graphics. It's nice to sit back and remember there was design before the computer. Strange concept for many of us designers, I know.

150 : piper

As mentioned, the stray kittens seemed to flock to us. A year ago today, Monique found this adorable little girl, whom she later named Piper. She was our "office kitty" for a few weeks before she found a home, and boy did I fall in love. She'd lounge on my keyboard, or hang out under my computer screen, and turn to putty when I'd rub her little sides. Such a cutie.

148 : intervention

There are very few shows that I look forward to watching. Intervention is one of them. I don't know why I'm so fascinated by a show about addiction (particularly with drugs & alcohol) but I am. Some of the episodes are heart-breaking... to see how much pain people are in and what they do to themselves to try and escape that. It makes me glad that there is a show out there dedicated to getting these people well.

147 : sleeping beauty

I must admit that I've been super excited about seeing South Bay Ballet perform The Sleeping Beauty for months. Yes, months. It's a brand new production, and the costumes are out of this world amazing. Truly breath taking.

To make it even better, I get to catch up with an old client turned friend and her adorable kiddos.

It's going to be a good day :)

146 : seeing work published

There is such a feeling of pride when you see something you created out in the real world. From the posters for South Bay Ballet's The Sleeping Beauty popping up at Bank of America, and The Coffee Bean, to next weekend's Hermosa Beach ArtWalk in the current Easy Reader. There's so much satisfaction in knowing that I'm absolutely doing what I love.

145 : the getty

I love the Getty. Yeah, they have some nice artwork, and occasionally a nice exhibit, but what I really love is the grounds. From the flowers and plants to the water fountains and the stone buildings. It's an amazingly beautiful place to just stroll around and relax.

144 : candles

I love scented candles. I know, it's girly and cliche. But I love when things smell good. And the soft scent of one in the office beats out those heavily fragranced air fresheners any day.

Current obsession: the green tea soy candle from Febreeze. Smells so good, and burns amazingly clean.

143 : special deliveries

I love getting stuff in the mail, thats already been established. So it's a double happy day when the bf has flowers delivered to the office, with a sweet little note.

He's such a sweetie. I'm such a lucky girl.