365 : the final day

I must say, this 365 days of happiness was a challenge. Something that started off as simple fun, actually turned into something more. More than just a list of some of my favorite things, this challenge made me analyze my day and find the little things that make me, me. As much as I've enjoyed this past year with everyone out there, I am looking forward to not having to blog every single day.

So, everyone, I hope in some small way, this blog has somehow managed to put a smile on your face at least once. If so, this was a success. Thank you to my devoted followers (my dad & jeff) and to all the silent people out there who either know me, or have stumbled upon my little corner of the world. I hope you all fill each day with happiness, in whatever form that it may be to you.

364 : rose bowl flea market

 I've been on a bit of a thrift store/antique store/flea market kick lately, so I'm so freaking excited to be going to the Rose Bowl flea market tomorrow. It's held on the second Sunday of every month and is supposed to be HUGE. The bff and I are even getting up super early in hopes of snagging some good stuff. Fingers crossed.

Photo from Dust Factory

363 : then be

Ever since I was little, there have been certain things that make me ridiculously nervous. The thought of pain seriously freaks me out. So much so, when I was younger and needed shots, I'd get so upset, I'd throw up at the doctors office. Yup. That was me...wait, it still kinda is. With the exception of the throwing up part.

So my New Year's Resolution this year will be to try and stop myself from freaking and stressing myself out (this is going to be difficult). When I feel the urge coming on, I'm going here: http://then-be.com

362 : being right

Obviously everyone is unique; each with their own thoughts and feelings and ways of handling situations. Sometimes you may agree with it, some times not. This is life.

Although I'm not going to get into details, sometimes it's so nice to know that your gut instincts about people are in fact right. So now that the bff's situation is over, I'll say it one last time... I told you so. Maybe next time you'll listen to me :p

Illustration from http://thesportshernia.typepad.com/blog/2008/05/fu-told-you-so.html

361 : jeff comes home!

My bff comes home tomorrow after 14 days in ny. Just in time to go antiquing at the Rose Bowl on Sunday, I might add. So excited!

360 : my collection

Ok, ok. Just to make a little disclaimer here, you will not be needing to call Hoarders on me. I usually don't like my life cluttered, and seriously despised all my mom's little "dust collectors" when I was growing up. But I guess I have become a collector. At least for now. Surprisingly, I'm ok with that.